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2015 Aerial Photography

GRANIT is pleased to announce that statewide 2015 aerial photography is now available for distribution. The imagery was collected in early to mid-May of 2015.

The data comprises 1-foot resolution, leaf-off, 4-band imagery. It is being distributed in 5000’ x 5000’ tiles, which are available as geotiffs (~98 MB/tile) and/or as compressed sids (~5 MB/tile). Project-level, FGDC-compliant metadata is available for those wishing to learn more about the data capture or processing. (Tile-level metadata is distributed with the data.) GRANIT has also prepared a brief overview describing basic options for displaying the 4-band data in ArcGIS 10.

GRANIT is providing the following mechanisms for accessing the data:

  • Download town-based zip files of the compressed (.sid) tiles from the GRANIT ftp site. The tile index shapefile is also available on this site (see
  • Order full set of available geotiffs on external hard drive - see GRANIT pre-packaged products order form.
  • Access the imagery via the Web Mapping Service (WMS)
  • Contact GRANIT for information on other custom options.

To estimate your storage requirements per town for the 1-foot resolution imagery, click here. (Note that this table reports storage requirements by town, and will overstate requirements of multi-town regions due to shared tiles.)

Please contact GRANIT for further information on accessing these data.

Financial support for the 2015 aerial photography program was provided by the NH Department of Transportation and the US Geological Survey. GRANIT staff assisted in defining the project technical requirements, in coordinating with USGS and the contractor, and in archiving and distributing the imagery.

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