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GRANIT Municipal GIS Survey 2006/2007

About the Survey

The NH GRANIT at Complex Systems Research Center, University of New Hampshire, in collaboration with the nine regional planning commissions (RPCs), has completed a survey of all municipalities in the state to better understand municipal tax parcel data holdings as well as related data sets.

The survey was designed to collect key information about digital tax parcel, zoning, elevation, and image data, including scale, resolution, accuracy, format, etc. We were also interested to know what municipal practices are in place relative to data maintenance, and whether data distribution policies have been developed.

GRANIT staff at Complex Systems Research Center designed the survey with input from the RPCs. RPC staff administered the survey to the towns within their planning regions over approximately a six month period from June, 2006 through January, 2007. Final survey results were compiled by GRANIT staff in March, 2007.


This work was funded by a grant from the NH GIS Conservation Collaborative. Additional resources were provided by FEMA through the Map Modernization Management Support program. GRANIT would also like to thank the Regional Planning Commissions for the time and effort they dedicated to this project.


David Justice
GRANIT Project Director
Complex Systems Research Center
University of New Hampshire
Durham, NH 03824

Survey Results

Below is a subset of the results from the GRANIT Municipal GIS Survey. Please note that all graphs are based on a 93% response rate. Please click here to download the complete survey results (zipped MS Excel files). To download the survey instrument used as a MS Word document, please click here.

B01 Chart

B01: See town list or map

B04 Chart

B04: See town list or map

P04 Chart

P04: See town list or map

P35 Chart

P35: See town list or map

P41 Chart

P41: See town list or map

P44 Chart

P44: See town list or map

Z01 Chart

Z01: See town list or map

Z02 Chart

Z02: See a town list or map

E02 Chart

E02: See town list or map

I05 Chart

I05: See town list or map

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