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NH GRANIT Metadata Standards

Metadata, or "data about data", helps to ensure the long-term utility of a data set by capturing the basic characteristics of a data or information resource. A metadata record includes a general description, what time period the data represents, sources used to develop the data, and an overview of the data capture/automation procedures. As an official GIS Clearinghouse Node , NH GRANIT is required to provide FGDC-compliant metadata for all layers distributed through the online metadata database.

All NH GRANIT metadata must include the minimum mandatory elements as required by the FGDC Content Standard for Digital Geospatial Metadata, which include the Identification Information and Metadata Reference Information sections. Please visit the FGDC metadata web page for further information and access to general metadata resources.

In addition to the minimum FGDC requirements, the NH GRANIT standard requires:

  • the Data Quality Information section, including the Lineage and Process Steps
  • all attributes to be fully documented in the Entity and Attribute Information section

Click here to view a sample NH GRANIT metadata record.

A zip file containing a NH GRANIT metadata template and instructions is available to help prospective data submitters get started with writing metadata. The template (text file format) can be imported into ArcCatalog and edited, or edited with a text editor such as WordPad. The template marks required fields and provides field-specific instructions. The sections that are identical in all NH GRANIT metadata records (i.e., Distribution Information) are completed. Please read the instructions carefully before using the template. To see a list of other metadata creation tools, please click here.

All metadata submitted to NH GRANIT must be verified against an FGDC-compliant metadata parser. Metadata parser software (mp) may be downloaded from USGS to validate metadata records. USGS also offers an online Geospatial Metadata Validation Service.

For further questions/help regarding the NH GRANIT metadata standard, please contact NH GRANIT.

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