C-SWEPA’s central objective is to develop and validate a numerical framework of physics-based modules to couple the low corona and CMEs with solar wind, acceleration and composition of energetic particles, and the fluctuations and turbulence within solar wind that buffet terrestrial and planetary magnetospheres. Using pre-existing EMMREM modules, we characterize time-dependent radiation exposure in interplanetary space environments. Simulated observers (e.g., at L1, ACE, Wind, Earth, moon, Mars, etc.) provide basis for comparison with spacecraft and tools to explore simulated mission datasets (e.g., Solar Probe Plus, SPP, and Solar Orbiter, SolO).


C-SWEPA was made possible by a partnership between the NSF and NASA, through the Living With a Star Targeted Research and Technology program.

Corona-Solar Wind Energetic Particle Acceleration (C-SWEPA) Modules
ROSES ID: NNH11ZDA001N Selection Year: 2012 Duration: 5 years
Program Element: NSF Partnership
Principal Investigator: Nathan Schwadron
Affiliation(s): University of New Hampshire