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About CommunityViz

CommunityViz Scenario 360 is a decision support software product that adds a scenario planning framework and dynamic visualization capability to GIS. Specifically, CommunityViz Scenario 360:

  • Adds interactive analysis tools to existing GIS software (ArcGIS).
    • The software is packaged with a suite of decision support tools including Build-out Analysis, Common Impacts, Suitability Analysis, and TimeScope.
  • Allows the user to experiment with and compare scenarios.
    • Users can compare multiple scenarios side by side in the form of maps, charts, and 3D scenes.
  • Allows the user to make and change assumptions on the fly.
    • Spatial attributes can be populated with formulas containing dynamic assumptions that can be changed using slider bars.

Scenario Comparison - Enlarge

Scenario Comparison

Analysis Tools


Build-out analysis places hypothetical buildings on a map according to land-use designations. CommunityViz Scenario 360 can create many different build-out scenarios for evaluation (e.g. current vs. future land-use), and can estimate numeric capacity as well as spatial distribution of building points. Build-out results can be further analyzed using Common Impacts, Suitability Analysis, and TimeScope. For information regarding build-out data requirements, please click here.

Build-Out - Enlarge


Common Impacts

Common Impacts automatically generates socioeconomic and environmental impact analysis based on projected growth. This tool can analyze impacts such as auto emissions, energy use, tax revenue, water use, and number of school kids.

Suitability Analysis

Suitability Analysis assesses the desirability of locations, such as where houses are most likely to be built, based on land cost, accessibility, or other constraints to development.


TimeScope models development over a specified period of time using growth rate and building sequence.

More Information/Purchase CommunityViz

For more information about CommunityViz, please visit the CommunityViz website. Information regarding software purchases and system requirements can be found on the Placeways website (exclusive authorized distributor of CommunityViz).

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